AI – Should we fear it? 人工智能 – 我們要害怕它嗎?

AI – Should we fear it?

人工智能 – 我們要害怕它嗎?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key to advancement in technology as it enables the programs to make decisions on their own according to their analysis and makes human involvement lesser in the process. 人工智能(AI)可令電腦程式自行分析並決定工序,大大減少對於人力資源的需求,是科技日益躍進的關鍵。

At the Academic Award Ceremony of the University of Sunderland, Hong Kong, we had a chance to speak with the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Professor. John MacIntyre, about Artificial Intelligence and the future it beholds. 在英國新特蘭大學於香港舉行的學位頒授典禮當日,我們有幸跟(國際)副校長John MacIntyre教授對話,討論人工智能及其未來發展。

We released the webinar for you so you can take advantage of the wise words and acquire the right information first-hand from Professor. John MacIntyre. He also happens to be the editor of the Journal “Neural Computing and Applications”. Almost 300 science papers are being sent and 20 are chosen to be published. MacIntyre教授是《神經運算與應用》學術期刊的編輯,曾撰寫近300 篇科學論文,當中有20篇已成功發表。我們特地舉辦此網上講座,希望大家能獲得相關研究的第一手資訊而有所得著。

The question arises, why is Artificial Intelligence important and what can you learn from this webinar. The answer is pretty simple itself and this webinar is worth 40 minutes being spent on learning. 是次網上研討會全長40分鐘,主要探討人工智能不可或缺的原因,是不可多得的議題。

Professor John MacIntyre sheds light on some interesting facts and that will certainly make you dive deep in the world of AI. According to him, 68% of businesses are applying Artificial Intelligence to make their operations more accurate and precise, reducing the workload on their manpower. 在講座上,John MacIntyre教授揭示了一些關於人工智能的趣聞,讓你能更深入了解這個議題。例如,全球現時已有68%的企業在使用人工智能,以提升整體營運的精確度,並且減輕僱員的工作量。

Artificial Intelligence has a wide scope of applications that goes far beyond our imaginations. From Autonomous finance to technology, agriculture, medical, automotive industry, cloud computing, robotics, aerospace and much more! Every field of life is using Artificial Intelligence that is going to change the world as we see it. 人工智能可應用的範疇更多不勝數,包括自主金融、科技、農業、醫療、汽車、雲端運算、機械、航天工業等等, 很大機會於不久的將來改變整個世界的運作模式。

Artificial Intelligence has a lot more to offer than just cost-saving and by the end of this decade, 23% of jobs are being replaced by manual manpower to the people who are good with Artificial Intelligence. 除了節省成本之外,人工智能的好處數之不盡。在未來10年內,全球有23%的工作機會將落入熟悉人工智能的專才手上。

Most hardware designing tech giants are prioritizing Artificial Intelligence. They are investing in it and holding more and more patents for Artificial Intelligence to carve their niche in the future. For those of you who are looking to get their introduction to Artificial Intelligence, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to take the first step in the world of Artificial Intelligence and make sure you are prepared for the inevitable future. 時至今日,大部份硬件設計科技巨頭已將人工智能納入其業務的主要範疇。它們大力投資並發展各項有關人工智能的專利,以開拓自己的獨有市場。因此,這場網上研討會可說是為想要進一步掌握此新趨勢的人度身訂做,令大家有足夠的知識及眼光為將來積極備戰。

Artificial Intelligence has been wrongly feared through the concept from movies like ‘Matrix’ and ‘Terminator’. That is all just fiction and far from the real world. Professor. John MacIntyre has explained in the webinar that Artificial Intelligence is not an enemy to be feared of, but a tool to help. Those who master it can have a bright future for themselves and help this world re-shape into a better place. 值得一提的是,人工智能被某些媒體(例如《廿二世紀殺人網絡》及《未來戰士》等電影)錯誤地打造了一個與現實不相符的負面形象。MacIntyre教授指出,人工智能並不是人類的公敵,而是能夠幫助我們解決問題的好朋友。只要正確及精明地運用它,你的前途必定無可限量,更可塑造一個更美好的世界。

‘Adaptive abilities of Artificial Intelligence make it the perfect tool to help you through complex tasks as it can take decisions based on mathematics and statistics that will be helping you with operations. In fact, this is the way forward’, explained by Professor. John MacIntyre in the webinar. 人工智能擁有自動調適特性,依循數理運算及數據分析原理自行抉擇工序,令業務運作更加順暢。就算遇到繁複的步驟,難題亦能迎刃而解,是邁向成功的一大步。

International regulations are being set to regulate Artificial Intelligence. Some interesting facts regarding the last US election campaign manipulation and regularizing the ethical AI are being set that are explained in the webinar. 另外,國際社會正緊密合作,制訂各種規限人工智能用途的法例,確保此項科技不被濫用;亦會提及最近一次美國總統選舉疑似偽造數據、牽涉不道德使用人工智能的傳聞。

It is simply the best way to learn all about Artificial Intelligence and gather the right knowledge on how it is and going to change the world in the future. 如有興趣全面理解人工智能及其對未來社會的影響,歡迎瀏覽John MacIntyre教授的網上研討會!

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