Being the Guest Speaker in HKU 於港大作嘉賓講師

One of our MSc Data Science students, Mr. Wong Yuk Lun, was invited to be one of the guest speakers at the Summer Institute’s “Business Management and Digital Transformation Strategy – A Data Analytics Approach” course and shared his related knowledge and experience with international undergraduate students at the University of Hong Kong. 新特蘭大學香港分校數據科學碩士生之一黃育麟先生應邀擔任香港大學暑期課程Business Management and Digital Transformation Strategy – A Data Analytics Approach 的其中一位客席講師, 並與香港大學的國際學士學生分享他的相關知識和經驗。

Yuk Lun said, ‘I was invited to be a guest speaker, and I’m glad to be qualified for conducting the session with the knowledge I have gained from the MSc Data Science course at Sunderland’s HK campus. I would like to thank you for the teaching and coaching I have received at the University of Sunderland in Hong Kong.’ 黃育麟表示:「我很高興被邀請擔任嘉賓講師,有資格參與進行這場演講,並跟各位分享我在新特蘭大學香港分校的數據科學碩士課程中所獲得的知識。感謝香港分校給予的教學和指導。」

Yuk Lun is one of the first cohort MSc Data Science graduates at the HK Campus, passed with distinction. We are so proud of Yuk Lun and wish him all the success in the future. 黃育麟是香港分校首屆數據科學碩士、獲卓越評分的畢業生之一。我們以他為榮,亦祝願他前程似錦。