HK Data Science Student’s Work Accepted by International Conference 香港數據科學碩士生於國際會議演講

HK Data Science Student’s Work Accepted by International Conference


It is a great pleasure for me, as a newbie to the data science related discipline, to get a chance to present to the International Conference on Applied Education, Technology and Innovation (THEi AETI 2019). 作為數據科學範疇的新鮮人,我很榮幸能有機會於國際會議 THEi AETI 2019 演講。

I am originally a registered physiotherapist and a strength and conditioning
specialist focusing on higher education in Hong Kong. However, the more
frequent use of data analytics, in health care and sports in recent years, makes me feel that studying data science is one of the most essential things for my future life and career path. 我本身是一位註冊物理治療師,亦是香港高等教育的肌力及體能專家。然而,近年在保健及運動層面上,涉足更多數據分析,讓我明白研究數據科學,會是我未來人生及事業旅途的重要項目之一。

During the study, in my 2nd semester, the Data Science leader from the UK
campus, Prof Peng, provided us with a good opportunity to work on an assignment that inspired us to push the boundaries of applying the knowledge learned to solve real problems in our own profession. The assignment required us to make use of open source data from Kaggle to perform data analytics and write a detailed report. When I came across the dataset, the picture of “male dominant master class” appeared in my mind and this triggered me for further investigation on the working and  employment conditions for female data scientists. 在我修讀的第二個學期,英國主校的數據科學系主任彭教授給我們一個難得的任務,並激勵我們突破框架,運用所學的知識,去解決職業上的實際問題。任務要我們就 Kaggle 的公開數據進行分析,並撰寫詳細報告。當研究這些數據時,我發現這些大師級課堂都以男性為主導,這亦觸發我研究女性數據科學家的工作和就業情況。

With the close supervision and valuable advice provided by our local tutor, I
successfully finished the statistical analysis with R and had my abstract accepted by the International Conference on Applied Education, Technology and Innovation (THEi AETI 2019). I will be presenting the data and insights obtained, in the middle of April, in Hong Kong. I especially thank the University of Sunderland for offering the Master Degree Programme
in Data Science and opening the door to success for all of us. 本地導師會為我們提供寶貴意見,在他們的密切監督下,我成功運用 R 完成統計分析,而我的分析摘要更獲到 THEi AETI 2019 採納。我將於四月中旬在香港分享所得的數據和見解。我非常感謝新特蘭大學提供的數據科學碩士課程,並為我們所有人打開了

Mr. Ho Man Kit, Indy
MSc Data Science graduate 2019
Passed with distinction