Effective Ways To Market Yourself Successfully 成為推銷高手,讓自己大賣!

Effective Ways To Market Yourself Successfully


Nowadays, job marketing is more competitive than ever because there are so many candidates in Hong Kong. Even if you have the right skills and experience, it is not enough to secure you the job; you must know how to market yourself effectively. You have to set yourself apart from the rest of the job hunters, and ensure that you stand out to potential employers.

Looking for the ideal job, you need to demonstrate you have an excellent mix of relevant expertise and communication skills. You have to act like a salesperson to catch the eye of the prospective employer. However, it is advisable just to show and not to oversell, because people hate to be sold to but love to buy when they learn how well you will help them. Generally, a good marketer should establish the needs of their target audiences and brand their position to meet the demands by offering the ideal solution with the perfect package as a job candidate. There are many ways you can market yourself effectively:

1. Identify the target audience
Know your potential employers inside and out. Research as much as possible to help identify the culture of the organisation and the skills, personality and knowledge they value highly. This helps to stand out from other job seekers and impress your potential employers by showing them your knowledge of the company and the industry. Try to use the job description and person specification as the basis of their needs and work out how this role will fit into the company’s vision and mission.
1. 識別目標受眾

2. Know your USP
Markets develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for each brand and stick to it. Mercedes promotes luxury as its attribute and buyers tend to remember the better ones in this over-communicated society. Therefore, understand your own USP or the differentiation from your competitors – it could be your specialist training or a unique combination of past experience and personal interests. Make sure you let future employers know about it.
2. 了解你的USP
市場策略者會為品牌定下獨特的賣點(USP) , 並堅持其主張。平治(Mercedes)以奢侈品作為其品牌屬性,在這個過度溝通的社會中,買家傾向於記住較好的產品。因此,了解個人的USP 或與競爭對手的分別,可根據你的專業訓練,或過往經驗及個人喜好,並必須讓未來僱主知道你的優勢。

3. A way with words
Pay attention to how to use terminology which is important to potential employers in your industry when applying for a new
job. Certain jobs in specific sectors may look out for particular skills and training. If these key phrases and buzz words
genuinely apply to you, use them. On the other hand, show a little personality and a personal touch in your application.
Potential employers may be keen to see a more human side such as your interests, passions and personal skills. Don’t forget to market yourself as a well-rounded individual.
3. 能言善道

4. Keep up-to-date with the internet 
Ensure your knowledge is always relevant and well-informed in your industry. Read industry publications, blogs and websites so that you may find them useful, especially in the interview. The internet and social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, now give you direct, accessible channels of communication through which to network and uncover new opportunities. The internet has made it easier than ever to market yourself because a combination of online and offline interaction is necessary for the age of digital marketing.

For more help marketing yourself in your job search, you can refer to the book ‘Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself as a Business of One’ by Jeffrey S. Beals.
如欲了解更多在求職中如何推銷自己的資訊, 你可參閱傑夫. 貝爾斯(Jeffrey S. Beals)撰寫的《自我營銷力量:將自己打造成一個企業》。

Author – Mr. Paul Wong
Paul has undertaken various managerial positions for international corporations such as Colgate and Electrolux. Currently, he is a business consultant in marketing, strategic management and marketing communication. He is a Chartered Marketer and also a member of several professional associations including the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), the Communication Advertising and Marketing Foundation (UK).

作者 – 黃文舜先生

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