Skills That Live Forever 畢生受用的技能

Four years after my graduation, I still have a vivid picture of how my lecturers impressed me throughout my Sunderland HK school life. There were many core values and professional skills which I have learnt from my bachelor’s degree, and they have been absolutely useful for my current career as a Financial Planning Unit Manager. 畢業四年後,新特蘭大學香港分校的講師在我腦海中仍留下生動而深刻的印象,至今仍記憶猶新。我從學士課程學到許多核心價值觀和專業技能,這一切對我目前的職業生涯̶̶⦆財務規劃部門經理,也絕對實用。

‘First Impressions’
are tremendously important in the hospitality field as we have to be cheerful, courteous, passionate and responsible to our customers. No matter where we work: Front Desk, Food and Beverage or Housekeeping, we have to wear our uniforms neatly and tidily and provide premium services to our guests. We are representing our brand and the brand image and reputation comes from all of us. Although I work in the wealth management field right now, I still need to bear this core value in mind as I usually encounter many new clients for their financial planning every day, and I have to perform with professionalism, trustworthiness, confidence and sincerity towards them. I am representing my company and myself as well as building up my ‘Word of Mouth’. This is the reason why I still wear a full suit for work even during the hot summer days. 「第一印象」在酒店業中非常重要,因為我們必須開朗、熱情、有禮貌及有責任地看待顧客。不論工作崗位是前台、餐飲或客房服務,我們都必須穿上整齊的制服,並為客人提供優質的服務。正正因為我們代表著公司的品牌,直接影響公司的品牌形象及聲譽,儘管我現在從事財富管理的工作,但我仍牢記這一切的核心價值,因為我每天都會遇到許多有財務計劃需求的新客戶,而我必須以專業、誠信、自信和誠懇的態度對待他們,因為這是代表公司和我個人,並為自己建立「口碑」。這就是即使在炎熱的夏天我仍會穿着全套西裝的原因。

‘Adaptability and Flexibility’ are always of the second significance in the field. Whenever we meet with visitors, we will receive various enquiries, requests and complaints. We have to be adaptable and flexible in dealing with ever-changing circumstances. Additionally, we have to be resourceful and diplomatic in giving out effective and efficient solutions, and confront guests with a polite and comfortable tone. In the financial field, when I meet up with new and existing clients, I have to listen to their requirements and solve their difficulties with a genuine attitude in my cozy office. Remember, our reactions, responses and our atmosphere will influence our guests considerably. Ensuring their satisfaction and delivering perfection is our responsibility. 「適應性和靈活性」始終是第二個重點。每當與客人見面時,我們都會收到各種詢問、要求和投訴。在應對不斷變化的情況時,我們必須具有適應性和靈活性。此外,我們必須足智多謀及運用圓滑的交際手腕,提供有效的解決方案, 並以禮貌和舒適的語調對待客人。在金融領域中,當我與新客戶和現用客戶見面時, 我必須在舒適的辦公室中,以真誠的態度傾聽他們的要求, 並為他們解決困難。要緊記我們的反應、回應和氣氛會為客人帶來極大的影響。要確保他們滿意及呈現完美的服務, 都是我們的責任。

‘Leadership and Delegation’ are also other crucial elements. When I was a student and studying the topic of leadership, I had always thought it was way too early to learn because it would be a long time before I became a manager. However, I was promoted to Unit Manager with a group of co-workers a year ago. I profoundly feel the indispensability of leadership, and empowering my subordinates makes all our businesses smoother and more successful. 「領導力和授權」也是關鍵要素。當我仍是學生,要研究領導力的議題時,還認為是言之過早, 因為要晉升為經理需要一段時間。但是,一年前,我與部分同事一起晉升為部門經理。我深刻地明白到領導力和賦予下屬權力都是極之重要, 能驅使所有業務更加順暢和成功。

Last but not least, professional skills, which we have learnt from the University of Sunderland in Hong Kong, are ever-lasting. Even though we receive sundry job opportunities in our career paths, and work in different industry insights, these professional skills will gradually become habits, then our strengths. They will be useful for our entire lives. So enjoy the interesting school life in the University of Sunderland
in Hong Kong and prepare well for the challenges ahead! 最後, 我們從新特蘭大學香港分校學到的專業技能是永久的。即使我們在職業生涯中將獲得各種各樣的工作機會, 並持有不同行業見解, 但這些專業技能將逐漸成為習慣,並轉化成為我們的優勢,讓我們終生受用。因此,請好好享受新特蘭大學香港分校的校園生活, 為未來的挑戰做好充足準備!

Author – Mr. Tang Kwok Hei, Man
is a University of Sunderland in Hong Kong graduate from BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management in 2015. He was a Guest Relations Officer in Morgan Stanley and is currently a Financial Planning Unit Manager at Manulife.

作者 – 鄧國絺先生
於2015年畢業於新特蘭大學香港分校,並獲得國際旅遊與酒店管理理學學士學位。他曾擔任 Morgan Stanley 客戶關係主任,目前擔任宏利金融的財務規劃部經理。


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