You can Solve Daily Problems with Creativity! 每天的問題,都可以用創意力來解決!

You can Solve Daily Problems with Creativity!


Problem-solving with creativity

If you think that only creative industry workers need creativity, then you are wrong!


Teachers need creativity and so do accountants. Teachers need to produce innovative learning materials that make learning more interesting. Accountants can use creativity to identify new ways to save costs or boost productivity. And yes, students need creativity too, so that they can look at study areas in new ways.

Never underestimate your creativity. It will improve your daily life and add brownie points at work. We invited Mr. Dino Paul Ip, the famous Hong Kong multimedia creator and winner of awards from the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers, to share his ways of enhancing creativity!

Dino believes that “creativity is a “changing” power. Once you are fascinated by something you like or are familiar with, you will naturally explore it deeply. When you fully master the true meaning, you are free to express your own ideas to enhance or transform your object of fascination,” As for imagination, Dino believes that it is a relatively abstract and pure concept, which could be born out of nothing. But for many people, imagination stimulates creativity in applying new thinking to existing challenges.

Imagination and creativity are the keys to success.

Dino believes that imagination and creativity are indispensable for practitioners in any industry. “If industry executives lack imagination, how can they promote business development? But if you can use imagination, it will form new ideas, which in turn become reality. First conceive and then execute. This process transforms imagination into creation. The difference between strength and weakness is the use of imagination and creativity.” He uses painting techniques as an example, with the same techniques and tools being used to express different values.

Accumulate creativity bit by bit

Many people think that creative inspiration is out of their reach, but Dino believes it exists in the depths of everyone. “I believe that creative inspiration is a kind of
accumulation and transformation of experience. When I feel inspiration, I hope to accomplish an imaginary goal. This is not a purely imaginary process, but it helps to sort out the knowledge in my mind. The mind is like a library, in which I find relevant or similar experience. However, if there is no information available, you can use your eyes to observe, your ears to listen, and your heart to feel the people and things around you. Inspirations stimulates thinking which nurtures a creative seed and develops it into a mature physical entity.”

Dino strongly believes that we are not born with creativity, but rather that it is accumulated bit by bit over time. Students wanting to cultivate creativity, must have curiosity, be interested in everything, and be willing to learn new knowledge constantly. When it comes to the need to use creativity, naturally, the right knowledge comes to the forefront. Dino stresses that this does not mean we have to delve into recent events, but rather the purpose is to broaden our knowledge and use it as the root of creativity.

Author – Mr.Dino Paul Ip
作者 – 葉志剛先生

Photographer Duni Paul Ip shared his insight with University of Sunderland in Hong Kong

Achieved both his Master of Science in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology and Bachelor of Arts in Photographic Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Other than as a professional photographer, he also focuses on multimedia production and teaches in different higher education institutions. His creative works have been published, broadcasted and exhibited in Germany, China and Hong Kong. Also, he was honored twice with the photo awards from Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers.


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